Wild and Crazy Things Happening in the world today: Part 2

It is is wild, wild world out there and sometimes we are simply not prepared for the things that we see or hear about on a regular basis. There are always a number of things happening that simply make a person shake their head and mumble to themselves what. And while it is not over yet, 2016 has seen some of the wildest and craziest things happen in a long time. The following are just a few of the weird things that have happened.

Man brought a Shovel to a Gunfight and Actually Won
Few times would you expect to hear of a man bringing a shovel to a gun fight and winning, but that is what happened in Florida. When a by stander saw a fight going on in a local club parking lot, he came to one of the mens aid and hit the attacker with a shovel. When police arrived found one of the victims with a gunshot wound and the attacker with injuries from the shovel. Proof that if you go to a gun fight bring your shovel.

A Man that Owns a Pet shop that sells Lizards Beat an Employee with One of his Lizards
If you work at a pet store in Florida, it is not a good idea to upset the owner. A local store owner slapped an employee with a bearded lizard for reasons that were unknown at the time of his arrest. Cops say he also threw Gatorade on employees as well. Who knew go to work, get slapped with a lizard.

Man that was wearing a “Seriously I Have Drugs” T shirt, was arrested with Actual Drugs
It is a good idea that if you are going to go into a Kmart with Drugs, that you don’t wear a shirt that advertises the fact. A man went into a local Kmart wearing a shirt that said “Who needs Drugs, No Seriously I have Drugs.” The man saw deputies enter the store and tried to hand the bag containing the drugs to a man behind him. When the customer in line refused to take the bag, The man went up to the counter. Placed the bag on the floor and paid for his items. A short time later he was arrested. While he refused to say anything, safe to say his shirt did all the talking for him.

Man Shakes Penis at Oncoming Traffic
If you are going to drink, don’t drop your pants and begin to move your hips in a circular motion like one man did. Officers noticed a man walking in the crosswalk of a local intersection, lay his bike down and proceed to lower his shorts and dance naked. His act included shaking his penis in a circular motion. Officers confronted him about this and later arrested him on a number of charges including being drunk and indecent exposure. Apparently the officers were not amused with his dancing routine

Man Caught Carrying a Marijuana plant in Red Solo Cup Claims he was Just Smelling it
When you have a marijuana plant in a red solo cup, it is not a good idea to be walking down the street. This is a lesson that a man in Florida found out the hard way. Officers spotted him walking down the street with the cup in his hand and a plant that still had the roots attached. When asked about his plant, he told officers that he had just got the plant and was smelling it. It is safe to say that he was arrested and his plant was not given to a good home.

Family told to remove their Dr. Who Tardis from their Driveway
A Doctor Who family was told that they simply could not have a TARDIS in their driveway. The homeowners association sent a letter to the family and told them that their time machine was in violation of their agreement and was asked to remove it. The family did as they were asked and say that they will find a place where they can live and still have their TARDIS. Proof that even time lords have to follow the most basic of laws.

Man is denied bringing his Beer into Strip Club, Threatens to blow up Club
No booze and no Boobs makes a man do strange things. When a local man was told he could not bring his beer into a strip club. He responded in the most unique of ways and that was threatening to blow up the strip club. It is safe to say that the man was arrested and charged with making threats. Just further proof that men, booze and boobs are a dangerous mix.

The Woman with Three Boobs made a Music Video
We all remember the woman from Total Recall with three boobs. Well good news, she has a music video out and it is one of the most popular videos on YouTube. The video features her in a waredrobe that covers the essentials but still lets her fans gaze at her wonders.

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