Las Vegas Escort Answers Questions About The Business and Her Clients

Escorts in Vegas have a global reputation as being well worth the trip to spend a little, or a lot of time with. They live a life most of us would envy if we’re honest with ourselves. Yet under all the glamour, glitter and whatever else comes along in their work day, or night, they are people just like anyone else. This article is based on an interview with “Naomi.” A fictional name for a real person whose skillful entrepreneurship is only part of the reason for her success in Vegas.

Q. Do you have any regrets about your career choice, or problems with family and friends because of it? What made you decide to work in the escort business?

A. Some of my closer friends know how I choose to earn a living, and for the most part they don’t treat me any differently than they did when I worked as office manager at the auction house. As to why I choose being an escort over management of an office, that’s easy. I want to own my own home while I’m still young enough to enjoy it, and thanks to an escorts pay, in about another year I’ll have enough to pay cash. No loan, no mortgage, no bullshit. Try doing that on a manager’s salary. My family? Well, they would only worry, so for the sake of family peace, I let them think I work out of my home as a realtor in exclusive properties so they won’t wonder where the money to buy a home at my age came from.

Q. Okay, how about personal relationships? Do you ever date non-professionally and if so, have you ever had anyone try to tell you it’s either them or being an escort but you couldn’t have both?

A. Yes, I do have an enjoyable, private relationship with just one person, but since he’s also employed as one of Las Vegas escorts, I don’t believe the question of being forced to choose between him or my job will ever come up. We both have healthy appetites for the erotic, and for us, sex with strangers only adds extra spice to what we enjoy together at home. Once, we were both working and ended up in the same bar with our “dates” for the evening. Of course, we didn’t acknowledge each other at the time, but later you could follow us to our bedroom by the trail of clothes left lying on the floor.

Q. This may be 2016 but there are still too many people in our society that like to judge other people. Do you ever worry what others think of you, or let someone else’s opinion of your lifestyle hurt your feelings?

A. I have no problem with my career decision or how I live my life. Why would I when the money is excellent, I have no time clock to worry about, and when you get right down to it, good sex is a better job perk than most. As manager of an office, you wouldn’t believe the things I did for free to keep that lousy job. Now, I get paid for it and smile all the way to the bank. I see nothing morally wrong with being a member of Las Vegas escorts, and if others do, that’s their misfortune, not mine. They should come to Vegas and let me help them relax. I could send them home with a different opinion of escorts because I am very good at what I do.

Q. You’ve said you enjoy a healthy sex life. Aren’t you worried that eventually you might experience “burn out” and lose your interest in “personal” erotica?

A. Not at all, my work keeps all my appetites well fed, so as long as I do my job right, the client isn’t the only one who walks away satisfied. You could say I have what some would call a “quirky streak” in me that often takes more than the average man is able to handle. Like, if my day is stressed and I feel the need for a little something extra, I will search for a client thatdoesn’t know how to treat a lady. Much cheaper than a therapist, and they pay me, I don’t pay them.

Q. Escorts in Vegas or anywhere are forced to make safety a priority. How can you be certain your date isn’t dangerous or just plain bad news?

A. Well, I do ask for full names and then check I.D.’s at the beginning of every appointment, but that’s not all. I realize there are certain types of people I’d rather not deal with and by using verification companies, I don’t have too. These companies vett the client, and once they are in the database all I need to do is call in to see what kind of history the person has. I am a Vegas escort and proud of it, but I’m not stupid. Using these companies keeps me from finding out firsthand why a person has been “86ed” as far as Vegas escorts are concerned.

Q. You’ve already agreed that sex is a form of therapy, and it is. What happens when the time is spent over dinner, drinks, dancing or whatever with no sex involved?

A. I still do my job, just in a different way. If what a person needs is just to relax for an evening, and have a shoulder or listening ear close by, I can be that for them. Sometimes what a person needs more than anything to be satisfied is simply a good conversation, and I am as good at listening as I am in all other aspects of the escort business. I’m not a trained therapist but in many ways, our jobs are similar.

Q. What are your thoughts on legalization of prostitution? If it is voted in, do escorts in Vegas expect any major changes?

A. I can’t answer for other escorts in town, but legalization can only be a positive thing and it’s long overdue. Think about it, the only real difference between a non-professional date and one with Las Vegas escorts is the money. Some people end up in this business because they have no other options, others because they simply enjoy the work. The point is, freedom of choice. Instead of spending tax money rounding up and arresting prostitutes out there because they have to eat, why not spend the money on social programs to get them out of the escort business if that’s what they want?

The law makes no sense. Prostitution has been called the oldest profession, and it is. Some people are unreasonably judgmental but it isn’t going away as long as there are lonely, frustrated people out there looking for someone like me. If legalization is voted in, I don’t see anything changing much because of it unless you count the fact that law enforcement would then have more money to fight serious crime.

Q. Illegal activities are always more costly, especially anything to do with fun for some reason. If legalized, do you have any concerns about your business? Do you think the stigma of judgement could go away or at least lighten up some?

A. I believe that legalization may cause escorts to have to lower their pricing because, as you say the illegal is always more costly. I can easily make up any loss of income in volume though because once something does becomes legal, people who have avoided what attracted them before because it was against the law would have no reason to hold back then. There would be no worries about arrest for either myself or my date, and law enforcement wouldn’t be able to confiscate the money I earned.

I’m not worried for my future business, quite a few of my dates are repeats because I’m good at what I do, and they always want more. As long as I continue to do my job, the clients, and their money will always be there. Unfortunately, so will judgmental people so I doubt the moral stigma that’s always been associated with the escort business would go away with legalization. That’s all right though, as do many of my escort friends, I do my job, I enjoy it, and don’t lose sleep over what the rest of the world thinks of me because of it.

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