So much Chaos in the Atmosphere!

It seems like things couldn’t get any crazier than what you may have heard the day before from the media. The world appears to be at an all-time high of the strange things that are going on right now. While I glance around at different geographical areas of the world, I can point out a few things that will make the average citizen feel like they are living in the twilight zone. There are funny, weird, and never before seen activities that are taking place which is becoming almost as interesting as the reality television shows that shown last night.

As we get closer to the most exciting time of the year, it is becoming an anxious time for American citizens. It’s like a childhood competition for the presidential run with Donald Trump and Mrs. Hilary Clinton going back and forth at each other. They are using all types of tactics to score higher with the citizen’s votes than each other. Recently Joe Biden vice president has released all of the emails on file from Hilary’s case to see. They had an obstacle for Mrs. Clinton that unleashed new disturbing evidence on this past Friday. There are newly found emails that happen to belong to the case that was closed on Mrs. Hilary Clinton’s federal case. When speaking on the incident with CNN, Joe Biden chose to use the words of unfortunate for her as we close in closer to Election Day. To end things on an honest, clean slate, Clinton called into the Iowa news conference on Friday and agreed to release all information on her call. She said the people deserve to know the truth about everything.

On the sunny brighter side of the campaign, Donald Trump’s team appears to be enjoying this time of shine for him. Donald Trump happened to contribute another Ten million dollars to his campaign on Friday while all was tumbling downhill for Clinton. Previous to his donation he had already planned to pledge this donation during an interview that he had aired earlier with Fox news. All together Trump is close to spending almost one hundred million dollars on his campaign. As Hilary team is falling apart through her trials, it seems that Trump is executing the race. We are about a week away from the election which makes all of this so attractive to those who are following the race.

While everything seems to seem wild in the presidential election things are only heating up for the average life citizens. It is becoming a horror show for children. From the schools to after classes when playing outside, it seems like no place is safe for the kids to play. This month is the month of Halloween, and up into the big night of scares, some horror movies seem to become a reality. There is news flying around that there will be a killer clown purge the night before Halloween. What started off as a Facebook prank seems to be becoming so much more of a thriller. A lot of neighborhoods are scheduling for the sweet children to participate in trick or treat activities earlier in the day due to the monstrous things going on.

Rumors have been surfacing that in a few days the movie that aired with three sequels “The Purge” will be executed by the killer clowns. The stories have not been given a confirmation but in over sixteen different areas of the United States law enforcement have been warning local citizens to be cautious. These particular messages are being alert in metro and small parts of Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, California, Virginia and so many more public areas. The recommendation would be to check your local news to make sure you and the kiddies will be in a safe zone or prepared. This crazy nonsense is supposed to start off on the night before Halloween October 30th if it is true. This rumored clown craziness all started from a Facebook page that made a post about the plans. After people had begun to report and circulate the message, the page was deleted and has yet to find out who created the profile. Even if this purge is not real, it has done enough damage to the careers of professional clowns that only love to make children smile for a living.

Lastly, there has been conspiracy talk of an alien invasion that will be hitting the earth atmosphere in the year 2017. This story has surfaced from a leaked document that mentions an email message from President Obama to Putin requesting Russia’s assistance in developing a world missile defense plan and system. This conspiracy news is becoming a fear for so many who are unaware of much about what NASA may be keeping from the general public today.

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