Wild and Crazy Things Happening in the World today

With all the wild and crazy things that are going on in the world, such as the current 2016 Presidential Election in the United States between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, we are witnessing the most divisive type of actions- that we have never seen in history. There is Hillary Clinton, who has an email cloud hanging over top her head, The Clinton Foundation faults, and Former President Bill Clinton infidelities- that folk cannot stop talking about. There is also businessman, Donald Trump, who’s words of insults, lawsuits, bankruptcies and allegations of groping women is taking a toll on our democracy and how we vote. The real shocker, was when that infamous bus came rolling down a street in Hollywood. People all over the world, heard Donald Trump describe nasty words about women. I refuse to say them, because they are so appalling. It seems like we can’t put these two unfavorable candidates problems to bed. On November 9, 2016, one of these people, will be the next President of the United States.

We never like to hear about war, but Syria seem to be going through a civil one. This is one of the worst humanitarian crisis of our time.

It started when anti- government demonstrations began in 2011. The peaceful protest has led to a government crackdown and opposition groups began fighting. Divisions between secular and religious groups couldn’t get along. After five years, the war has killed over 250,000 people. Bombings are destroying cities and human rights are being violated.

Now there are refugees that need help. Some of them has escaped the disaster region, but some have died trying to leave. As they continue to flee, they need relief.

The world is also dealing with a mad man. North Korea President Kim Jong Un keep launching medium-range missiles. Who is this person, who feels compelled to launch missiles and keep secrets about his country. The people who live there, seem to be loyal, by Kim Jon Un’s rule of terror. I feel that that’s a place in the world that alienated and lost. They also have a chimpanzee named Azalea, who lives in one of their zoos- and it is said that he smokes a pack of cigarettes a day. If the animal rights could go there, they would chant that this is wrong!

NATO is rushing it’s troops in Eastern Europe down a path, as President Vladimer Putin conducts a nuclear exercise. This is scary and we don’t know what will come out of this mess.

The climate change factor is also crazy to some people. Our weather patterns are becoming extreme. Climate change is caused by a process called Solar radiation received by the earth’s plate tectonics and volcanic eruptions. The energy that is distributed around the globe by ocean currents, winds, and greenhouse gas concentrations. Scientist says that there are five components of Climate change- Hydrosphere, cryosphere, lithosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere. Glaciers are considered among the most sensitive indicator of climate change, where mass balance of snow input and output grows or shrinks.

Back in America, we are dealing with Wikileaks. The company was founded by Julian Assange, an Australian activist. They release and publish secret information. It’s website claims to store 1.2 million documents a year. They rely on dissidents, journalist and mathematicians for information. There purpose is to provide facts, but it seems to hurt people and it’s causing Hillary Clinton, U.S Presidential candidate campaign to suffer with her private emails, which is dripping and leaking each day.

In the weird news spectrum, there seems to be a UFO chaser, named Scott C. Waring who has a video of “flying saucers”. They show movement of two objects flying military style on his edited software.

None of us will forget the shocking Brexit vote, which took place in the UK, who withdrew from the current European Union. The political scene went down a spiraling pat of a referendum. David Cameron, Prime Minister resigned in October and Theresa May took his place. On June 24, 2016, the result of the referendum was 51.9% voted of leaving the European Union and 48.1% favored to stay. A petition calling for a second referendum attracted 4 million signatures, but was rejected on July 9, 2016. You can’t dismiss the 16 million people who voted, and now some of them are saying that was a mistake!

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